GEN (Africa) Operations Model

International Academic Conferences

Annual international academic multidisciplinary conferences in collaboration with educational institutions and organisations in the global North

The Global Education Network (GEN) established in 2012, is a global community of scholars with more than three hundred academic researchers, policymakers and practitioner organisations all over the world, especially Africa. GEN (Africa) promotes and engages in collaborations and partnership educational programmes globally. One of GEN’s (Africa) main objectives is to organise international multidisciplinary academic conferences to promote and engage delegates in the quest for quality education for sustainable development. By the end of 2024 would have organised 13 of such gatherings in Africa and Europe. These conferences have produced working agreements on Special Interest Groups (SIG) between national and international organisations.


International online journal and textbook publishing for Sustainable Education in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

In the drive to sensitise the global North of Africa’s wealth of academic research and create a forum for knowledge sharing, GEN (Africa) has, over 13 years, developed a repository of academic resources published in multifaceted formats, such as books, videos and papers in various international journals. At the last 2023 international multidisciplinary conference, held at Liverpool Hope University Liverpool in the United Kingdom, GEN (Africa) upgraded its brand by introducing its international journal website titled GEN-Multidisciplinary Journal of Sustainable Development. This can be accessed at

Monitoring and Evaluation

Strong affiliation with African Colleges of Education which engenders monitoring and evaluation of teacher education projects in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

For over a decade, through the efforts of GEN’s founder Prof. Fabunmi Martins, and the GEN President, Professor Emmanuel Adu, a strong working relationship has developed with Faculties of Education and Teacher Professional development bodies in Africa. This makes GEN a spokesperson for teachers in Africa and the objective is to monitor, evaluate and assess the quality of teaching by providing opportunities for collaborative research and professional development with the global North. GEN (Africa) is a promoter of Continuous Professional Teacher Development (CPTD) and is looking to work with Schools of Education and other relevant institutions in the global North to achieve sustainable development in this area of research. The quality of teachers mirrors the quality of education in any nation.

Academic Research

Research and findings on the development of Higher education systems for sustainable development in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

Key to the operations of GEN (Africa) is the sharing of research findings between the global North and the global South to decrease the disparity in achieving the targets of UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Collaborative learning methods and practices are key to GEN’s engagement with its peers in the global North to spearhead the drive to improve the quality of learning in higher institutions. If the quality of education is to be global, then major strides will have to be made in terms of mobility, accessibility, and affordability. GEN’s interaction membership of African intelligentsia is engaged in seeing to the achievement of these goals.